acupuncture arthritisAcupuncture Can Help Arthritis Pain

The ancient form of Chinese medicine that has been known to man for over two thousand five hundred years is now a very popular means of treating pain, especially arthritis pain. The basics of acupuncture teach us that there is an energy called chi or qi that flows within the body along the meridians that are pathways in the body. When the flow of this energy is interrupted, you will experience pain as well as illness. Using acupuncture for arthritis pain is a means to correct the flow of this energy and thus get much needed relief.

Using acupuncture for arthritis pain relief requires undergoing a treatment session in which one to twenty needles are inserted into various parts of the human body, with the needles either simply penetrating just beneath the skin, or at other times they may even have to penetrate the fat as well as muscles. Once inserted, the needles may be left for anywhere from fifteen to thirty minutes and they may also be twisted and be removed and placed elsewhere in the body.

Acupuncture when used for arthritis pain pain relief is well suited for one another as it enables the electromagnetic signals to be relayed much faster than is normal, which will increase the flow of pain relieving natural chemicals to areas that are injured, and where there is a lot of pain being felt.

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