To Reduce Arthritis Pain or Prevent Arthritis, Exercise!

The causes of arthritis vary, but most researchers agree that one huge factor affecting the likelihood of developing arthritis is exercise and weight. Prevention of arthritis could be as simple as increasing the amount of regular activity you do. Exercise not only prevents arthritis from developing, but it can prevent the further decay of bones already affected by arthritis. 
Many people are hesitant about arthritis exercise, however, especially if they already have arthritis. Some think that exercise might worsen their symptoms; however, on the contrary, exercise has been shown to reduce arthritis symptoms. The key to arthritis exercise is knowing what type of exercise to do then, you can begin steps toward prevention!

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How Can Arthritis Exercises Prevent Arthritis?

Exercise is a great way to prevent the development of arthritis. Exercise accomplishes three main goals which can help to prevent arthritis: weight control, strengthening of muscles, and injury prevention. 

People who are obese or overweight are more at risk for developing arthritis. This is because excess weight puts additional stress on joints. By losing a little weight, you can reduce your chances of developing the disease by as much as 30%! 

Strengthening muscles is another way exercise helps to prevent arthritis. By strengthening your muscles, you are providing greater support for your joints, thus decreasing your risk.

Finally, exercise has been shown to reduce the likelihood of injuries, which is one of the main causes of arthritis. By decreasing your risk of having a bone fracture of a torn ligament, you are also reducing your risk of developing arthritis.

What Type Of Arthritis Exercise Should You Do?

In order to prevent arthritis, the exercise you should focus on is both strength training and aerobic exercise. Strength training, which uses tools such as plastic bands, can help to build muscle and decrease your risk of arthritis development.

Aerobic exercise, such as swimming and walking, can contribute to weight loss, which can also reduce arthritis risk. While many might think that these activities would only worsen the effects of arthritis, no research has ever supported these conclusions. Water aerobics are a great way to prevent the further effects of arthritis, because it provides aerobic exercise that is low impact.

Other activities, such as range of motion exercises and agility exercises, can help to prevent arthritis by keeping the joints limber.

A Healthy Life Style

While arthritis prevention isn’t the only reason you should exercise, it certainly is one of the most important. Remember, exercise is good for you no matter what your condition, so begin reaping the many benefits of exercise today! 


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