Many People Suffer From Hand Arthritis

Arthritis is a handpainfamiliar term to most people. In spite of this, there are many different types of arthritis we don‘t know about, each with its own specific affected area and accompanying challenges. The types of arthritis will vary in degrees of severity. One well known type of arthritis that especially limits your ability to complete daily activities is hand arthritis.

If you stop and think about it we use your hands for almost everything. What would happen if you winced in pain every time you were forced to do so? People affected by hand arthritis face this challenge every day. Knowing the symptoms of hand arthritis could result in earlier diagnosis, which in turn could contribute to arthritis prevention.

You Do Not Have To Live With The Pain

If you are suffering from hand arthritis, then you do not have to live with your pain. There are so many choices available for treatment that can significantly increase the quality of your life and the limitations that have been placed on your daily activity.

Understanding Hand Arthritis

Arthritis of the hand occurs when the cartilage (which is nature’s “shock absorber”) in the hand begins to decline. When this happens the body begins to produce a fluid called synovium to try and cushion the joints in place of the cartilage. The swelling occurs because this fluid causes the joint to swell and results in the restricted motion of the joint. The joint covering, also called the capsule, stretches, which causes the agonizing pain that arthritis is known for.

What Are The Symptoms of Hand Arthritis?

When you first start to develop hand arthritis you might experience a dull or burning pain in their hands during times of frequent use. For example, many people feel this sensation when grasping or gripping something. However, others do not experience these symptoms until a number of hours later.

As hand arthritis progresses, smaller uses of the hands will result in these symptoms. The pain typically worsens as the disease progresses; some people complain that arthritis pain keeps them up at night. Many people claim that rainy weather negatively affects their arthritis. As the arthritis grows worse, those affected by it will begin to find simple tasks, such as tying shoes and opening jars, more difficult.

What Is The Best Treatment For Hand Arthritis?

There are several ways that hand arthritis can be treated. One way to treat the symptoms of arthritis is medications. Medications help eliminate the pain associated with the arthritis, but they do nothing for the problem of the deteriorating cartilage.

Some people discuss surgical options because they eliminate the problem completely.  The types of surgeries that can treat hand arthritis are numerous. One option, for example, is to have the affected joints replaced altogether.

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